Monday, December 2, 2019


Blackwell's. Basically book heaven.
I have arrived.
The famous bookstore in Oxford.
I'm here. I'm really here.

What's Blackwell's, you ask?
I won't judge you for not knowing. I really won't.
Here's a description.
Now you know.
The place is massive. Books everywhere.
I had researched the bookstore before leaving home. I was greatly looking forward to visiting.

I dreamed a terrible dream some weeks before our holiday. I dreamed I had walked up to the front door of Blackwell's only to find it closed for renovations. I woke up in a cold sweat. Ran for my computer and looked up the website to be sure the dates we were in Oxford coincided with Blackwell's hours. Whew! It was only a dream. A nightmare for sure.

By far, Blackwell's is the best bookshop in all the world. Floors and floors of books.

My hubby knows me. I was going to be here awhile. He spent a bit of time with me and then decided to go back to the bed and breakfast. "Take your time," he said.

"You do realize I could be here for hours," I replied.

"I know." He winked at me and left me to my books.

Hours later, I made my way back to the bed and breakfast. Empty handed.

My hubby was shocked. "Didn't you buy anything?"

"A lot," I answered.

"Where's the bag of goods?"

"Wouldn't fit in my luggage so I had to have it all shipped home."

Bug eyed hubby replied, "You're kidding, right?"

I grinned. "Nope."

His eyes became dollar signs!

And sure enough, a week or so after returning from our holiday, the treasured box arrived. I got to relive Blackwell's all over again. And hubby got to pay the bill!