Saturday, October 19, 2013

A different kind of "mouse"

That small little rodent.  You know the one.  BB looking eyes, disgusting tail, taunting us by leaving its "gifts" letting us know there is still a menace  in the area.  It all is enough to send me  screaming for the exits, never to return until all the cracks and holes are completely filled in, leaving absolutely no possibility of vulnerability whatsoever. 

Mouse, computers, blogs, viruses, face book, twitter, screens, UGH.  All these words petrify me.  Make a chill go up and down my spine.  I much prefer to handwrite a letter or talk on the phone to communicate with friends and family.  Many have asked, "when are you going to get on face book?"
Recently, I was reading a blog post (yep, I do go on the computer.  I know how to even turn one on!)  After all, I do have this blog site...Anyway....this person basically was saying that "like it or not, social media is here to stay.  If you are not on board, you will go away like the VHS tape."  OUCH!  Reality bites hard sometimes! 
What I am trying to communicate is that yes, I get it! 
I love to write and realize I need to be on social media!  It will happen....soon. 
I now have a domain site.  I even know what that means! 
I have someone helping me put a more desirable blog site together,  and will soon open up a face book page.

It is not up yet, but my site will be

I am a little...ok a lot....nervous about plugging in.  There is so much to learn.  BUT I am getting excited.  Just like going somewhere you have never been before,  and wonder what it will be like.  Will it be safe?, will I get lost?,  will I get burned?...the risks are, and will always be there. 
There will always be a "mouse" to make me scream and want to head for the hills.   

I love this quote by St Augustine---"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page."
I don't want to read just one page.  I want the whole book.

Enjoying the fall colors has inspired me.  Each bend in the road brings more brilliance.  The bushes  are ablaze with reds and oranges.  The trees are glowing with glorious bursts of  intense color.  There is a season for everything. 
It is time for me to get out there and enjoy what nature, and life, has to offer...even if a mouse gets in the way once in awhile.