Thursday, November 26, 2015


It's quiet in the house this morning.
But, not for long.

I'm hosting  Thanksgiving.
As I sit here in front of my computer, I started a list of all the things I am thankful for.
It's getting long.

Do I deserve it all?  Me, worthy? Hardly.

My house smells of blueberry pie and there is a candle burning on my desk.

Last night I got to welcome home my grown son. I squeezed and hugged him lots. Daughter beware. Your turn awaits when  you arrive this morning!

Soon, my taste buds will salivate with all the bounty that will pass through my lips. I will try not to binge.

I look around at the table I've set.  I can already hear the laughter.  


5 gifts I take for granted on a daily basis.

5 senses that I got when I took my first breath.

Today I will reflect on these undeserving gifts, and just be thankful.  

Happy Thanksgiving.


Monday, November 23, 2015

"Finding Myself in Britain"

If you look in the dictionary for the definition of ANGLOPHILE, you just might see a photo of me on the page.

Anglophile:  A person who admires England, its people, and its culture.

Any book  with a reference to England lands on my bookshelf.  I found this one  quite entertaining.   The cover  screams, "pick me, pick me" with the silhouette about to land in a cuppa.
One click, and the book was mine.  I just had to wait for it to cross the pond.

It was worth the Royal mail wait.

I am now friends with the author. She is from Minnesota, USA.  Like the cover states, she has found herself in Britain.  She lives there with her family.

This book is full of England! If you've ever pondered the differences between America and England, this book answers  those questions in great detail. Parts of this book made me laugh so hard I thought I would pee my pants!  Yep--that funny!  (Read Chapter 11 first!)

Amy writes about the day Diana died, Rain, Rain, Go Away... School Days, Queuing and other British Sports, just to name a few chapters.

Even if you are not an anglophile, I highly recommend this book.

With my writer friend snapping a photo with Amy's book.

Click here to learn more about Amy.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

On Holiday

Somewhere, I read a list of  countries that maximize leisure time.
Brazil, United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Spain. They all made the poll.
No surprise, the United States did not.

Americans work way too much. Sad really.  There is much to see and do.

Last week, I had the privilege of making deposits in the memory bank.

Any guesses where we went?
 Yep. Cancun, Mexico.  Check out the water.  Yes, it really is that blue. And the sand...aah, the sugar like sand. I was reminded that time, like the sand sifting through my fingers, slips away. Moments like these don't last forever. They are here, and then they are gone.  The week flew by. Here is a glimpse of what we experienced.
 Isn't he cute?  A baby sea turtle. We came at the right time of year. Around 400 turtles hatched and we got to help them find their way to the sea! Keep on swimming,  Flipper!
Here is a big group of us letting our turtles go!
Tulum.  There is an incredible amount of history in Mexico.
We took a Mexican cooking class!  Mexican coffee and churros greeted us when we arrived. YUM!
Hubby and our dear friend Yvonne making salsa.  Turned out pretty good!


And yes, I really did eat a few!
One day we took the ferry across to an island. Here we are having lunch with our dear friends, John and Yvonne. Well, the three of them had lunch.  I had my cake and ate it too!  Delicious! We rented a golf cart and tootled around the island.

This view waited for us at the end of the island.  WOW!

I have one word that I focus on each year.  This year it is BELIEVE.  Found my word  this day!

I read 4 books on the trip!

I was walking through a small museum.  Found these  words.

I know I am blessed beyond measure.  I am grateful for every breath I take. Life. It's a beautiful thing. Don't waste a day. Enjoy all that God has so lavishly given.

I love the group One Republic.
Especially their song, I LIVED.

Click and really listen to the lyrics.

Monday, November 16, 2015


Stories are pouring in.  Man helping fellow man  during the horrific events in Paris.

One in particular caught my eye.  The scene takes place in a bookstore.  Read on.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

50,000 words


What's that, you ask?

National Novel Writing Month.

Yep. One month. To write 50,000 words. That's the ultimate goal. Many have done it. Not me, but I'm trying.

Below  is a great blog describing NaNoWriMo.

Maybe you will want to give this novel writing thing  a try.  It's only the 5th day. Plenty of time to catch up.

Note: I am taking a bit of time off from writing my blog.
I will return Monday, November 16.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Bonfire night

Traveling a distance by car this past weekend gave me some time to thumb through some magazines.  (No worries.  I wasn't driving!)

This one is a favorite.
Inside, an article spoke of celebrations around the world.
Great Britain's Bonfire Night jumped from the page.
Bonfire night?  Never heard of it.

November 5 is the day.  It all started in 1605 when King James I survived an assassination attempt.  Whew!  1605 was a long time ago, so the king's survival is not the main focus of all the festivities. But still, that's worth repeating.
Above is an interesting article about Bonfire Night.  I found it fascinating.

Fireworks, bonfires, and general happy gatherings of friends and family is what Bonfire Night is  all about!
A toffee apple recipe was inside the article too.

Here it is if you care to give the treat a try.