Monday, July 6, 2020

Scone pronunciation

Tea Time is a thing in Britain. A daily ritual.

I pretend every single day that I'm a Brit, as tea has become a part of my daily routine here in America. Morning, afternoon, and evening you'll find me sipping a cuppa.

I rather enjoy a scone along my tea. But what about that pronunciation?

Recently, I came across an article that has finally put to rest my question on the pronunciation of 'scone.'

Is it S-C-O-N-E, as in 'CONE" meaning the 'O' is long?

OR is it S-C-O-N-E, as in 'GONE' meaning the 'O' is short?

Well, the answer I'm sticking with from now on is 'GONE.' S'gone. A civilized answer if you ask me.

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