Thursday, May 7, 2020


By Spring, I've had it with indoor workouts.

For years now I've anticipated the first week of May because it means the start of my weekly routine climbing the steps in Stillwater for the season.

They're grueling. Major butt-kickers. Working out to a walking video all winter long suffers in comparison to step climbing. Especially these. The first time out my muscles beg me to quit. But I can't.
The views from the top won't let me.
It's exhilarating.
All season long, these steps are used for exercising, catching the views, and a way for the locals to get from point A to point B.
They've been here for over a hundred years. I've met many fascinating people on the steps.

Some carry backpacks. That usually means they're training for a hike down the Grand Canyon or some other major bucket list thrill.
One time a guy was lugging around a boxing bag. I asked how much weight he was carrying.

"60 pounds," he replied.

My response. "I'm such a loser!" was my first day back at it. I had my water. Some almonds. I was ready.

Obviously, I didn't get the memo. Shoot.

Surely not all of them are closed, right?
There are five different sets of steps. Each has its own challenging vertical climb.
I'd find a different route to get to each one, thinking it'd be open.
I was wrong.
Stillwater Steps. The latest corona virus casualty. Major bummer. I can understand the reasoning. I've shared these steps with lots and lots of people. Hard to social distance.
I'm hoping, like everything else, they'll re-open sooner than later.

Regardless, I managed to get in a good walk. Like the steps, many stops were closed.
The playground.
The bookstore.
Chilkoot Hill.
Teddy Bear Park is closed for the season. Little hearts are breaking all over town. This darling park is packed in the summertime.
Mainstreet. SIGH.

It was heartbreaking walking around. Eerie. This birthplace of Minnesota town is normally a buzz with activity.
Go away Corona Virus. Go away and never come back.

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