Monday, May 11, 2020

Fascination with Jane

Have you watched the movie Becoming Jane? 

It had been a long while since I'd viewed so I watched it again this weekend.
Can't say it enough. I LOVE Jane Austen.

I'm forever grateful I was able to visit her house museum in Chawton.

Because of the Corona Virus, many places of interest have had to close with no reopening date in sight.  The Jane Austen House Museum is no exception.
Like many others, there is growing concern for their survival. It's so sad to even think of the possibility such treasures could close indefinitely. We won't go there. It's too much to even comprehend.

The museum will bounce back. It will.

I've been pondering Jane's ring.
Remember the story?
American singer Kelly Clarkson bought it in good faith for $250,000. Export rules in the UK and generous donations from Jane fans kept the ring from leaving the country. Kelly Clarkson was extremely generous throughout the entire process. She was happy to have it stay at the museum where it belongs for Jane fans to admire.

Also, did you know Jane's likeness is on the 10 pound note?

She may have died in 1817 but Jane Austen will be celebrated for generations to come.

Now about that ring.

I'm considering buying one from the gift shop at the museum...

Stay tuned.

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